Thursday, August 29, 2013

Statement By Cambodian people’s party

The Cambodian People’s Party has the honor to inform all citizens that on 28 August 2013, the CNRP issued a statement calling for non-violent mass demonstration on 7 September 2013 to protest 28 July 2013 election result of the fifth mandate of the National Assembly prior to the official announcement of the official electoral outcome under the so-called disguised pretext harbored by the CNRP as election “irregularities.” Thus far, the NEC and Constitutional Council which mandated and tasked by law have been resolving complaints lodged by the CNRP in accordance with laws by transparency and fair manner.

Despite the above mentioned, the CNRP continues to demand establishing a special committee to resolve irregularities, the move which violates the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia on new Chapter 12 new article 136 (paragraph 2): “the Constitutional Council has the right to review and adjudicate dispute related to National Assembly and the Senate elections.”

The CPP, since the beginning, always adheres the fraternity and sincere cooperative spirit with the CNRP following the Royal guidance of His Majesty the King of the Kingdom of Cambodia and strictly abides by the Constitution and laws in force in order to find appropriate political resolution for the interest of our nation and citizens.

The CPP, with true good will, has participated in every dialogue with the CNRP including the past meeting which was facilitated by NEC on 3 August 2013 and the two bilateral meeting  on 9 and 20 August 2013. Although there remains differences, the CPP is still ready to resume any dialogue to seek resolution of the remaining issues based on the result of election and the spirit of national reconciliation.

In the case of the CNRP declaring a non-violent mass demonstration against the election outcome prior to the official announcement of the said outcome will impact on the daily conduct of current living in peace of the people and also running against the will expressed by the people who have casted their votes. Such an act is also an intention to negate the election which was evaluated by national and international public opinions as peaceful, free, and transparent.

The CPP appeals to the CNRP to heighten national and people’s interest and to jointly solve the remaining issues avoiding the use of any means which contradict democracy, multi-party system, and rule of law.

The CPP, once again, appeals to all citizens to exercise patience, calm, and work in solidarity to safeguard peace and social stability for the current and future harmony and prosperity of our nation.
Phnom Penh 29 August 2013
Cambodian People’s Party

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