Wednesday, May 17, 2023

FA Thailand Official Announcement

The Football Association of Thailand would like to express our deepest regret for the incident that occurred during the 32nd SEA Games final match between Thailand National Football Team and Indonesia National Football Team on 16 May 2023 in Cambodia.

Regarding competition outcomes, the association firmly believes that the Thailand national team possesses the potential to reach the finals through a combination of an adaptable playing style and a strong mindset that can be honed and improved. However, while securing second place may not have met the expectations of all players and coaches along with the fans, football is inherently competitive which always results in a victor who finds fulfillment and a defeated side that must regroup and improve their skills and team for future competitions.

Nonetheless, apart from the deficient performance of our national team, the association would like to express our disappointment and apologize for the incident that occurred during the match, which appeared to all spectators both in the stadium and fans around the world, hence, this incident has caused serious damage to the Thailand National Football Team.

Whereas, the team coaching staff, are regarded as representatives of the FA Thailand, Thai football, and Thai people, who are expected to exemplify professionalism at all times. In the event, they must approach each responsibility with a sense of maturity and remain steadfast amidst the immense pressure they face with the remarkable ability to resist temptation under such circumstances which is commendable.

In this regard, we would like to notify you that a disciplinary committee will be established to thoroughly investigate all individuals who played a role in initiating and/or being involved in the incident. The committee’s objective is to swiftly gather the facts and take appropriate action in accordance with the regulations set forth by the association. Moreover, there will be no protection or immunity granted to anyone responsible for any wrongdoing in this incident. As a result, the investigation procedure will promptly commence upon the team’s return to Thailand.

Lastly, our association regrets to express its heartfelt remorse to Thai football fans, Thai people, and all participating in and affected by this incident. Furthermore, we are providing formal apologies to all other organizations involved in this competition for any inconvenience or disruption caused. In addition, we are open and receptive to all suggestions aimed at enhancing performance and preventing similar occurrences from happening in the future. We are committed to considering and accepting any and all constructive suggestions for improvement.

The Football Association of Thailand

17 May 2023

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