Monday, June 24, 2013

Letter of Apology of Sam Rainsy to Samdech Hun Sen in 2006

Unofficial Translation
Paris, 3 February 2006
To Samdech Hun Sen
Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia
I am very pleased to notice that the political situation in Cambodia in the last few days has gradually improved. I would like to express my thanks to Samdech for pushing this​development to happen, especially by writing the letter to His Majesty the King to​request for a punishment commutation to Mr. Cheam Channy after Samdech had​requested the court to release a number of Civil Society leaders from imprisonment.

Personally I share the same view with Samdech on national reconciliation and national​​ unity for mobilizing all Khmers to work together to further develop Cambodia. I also have common understanding with Samdech that all controversial issues between Khmer and Khmer can be settled within the framework of the Khmer family.

I am regretful for having conducted improper acts towards Samdech such as accusing Samdech of being the mastermind behind the grenade attack on the protesters on 30 March 1997 in front of the National Assembly, accusing Samdech of attempting to assassinate five elites, and some other accusations, and so on and so forth. From now on, I will change my attitude so that those problems will be ended and prevent them from being repeated. In general, I decided not to take personal matters into account, but to pay much attention to national matters through the finding of peaceful solutions with mutual respect. It is not necessary to have winners or losers in any solution to national matters, for we are all Khmers; we have to live together. Only Cambodia and her people who deserve the victory from such national reconciliation, particularly the victory over poverty and underdevelopment. Our next generation will have bright future.

Please accept, Samdech, the assurances of my highest consideration.
Signed by
Sam Rainsy

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